Monday, January 21, 2008

Something to Help Stop Smoking

My father has been smoking cigarettes for the past 27 years. I need to know, can someone please help me :) many people stop smoking and keeps them from smoking. He can't go to sleep without smoking a cigarette.

Tobacco is organic matter. Burning it damages the environment about as much as burning wood in your fireplace does. Passive smoking does more damage because the smoke comes directly off the tip of cigarette without passing through the filter. Now, DO NOT SMOKE. You are safe for now, but your future is in your hands


Rosyidi said...

Ada bukunya, menghentikan rokok dengan hypnosis. Kalo gak salah judulnya itu. Yg ngarang Romy rafael. Berhubung aku gak merokok, jadi gak aku beli. Sebenernya penasaran sih, tekniknya gimana. Ntar kalo berhasil cerita ya :)