Sunday, January 13, 2008

Health and Safety

Have you ever heard about ? What are they and what do they do ? Apprenticeships allow young persons to learn, work, earn and get qualified. This site has identified that ethnic minorities are under. What you need to begin is employment training, which offers. The site is designed for both aspiring construction workers and employers.

It also works with partners in industry and government to improve the competitiveness of the industry as a whole Government service responsible. Do you know the basic of constructions ? Want to enhance you construction skill ? Health and safety is very important and you would be expected to follow safe working practices at all times. Health and safety is a priority in the construction industry

When working, your health and safety should come first before others. provides information on the latest health and safety. Construction skills has consistently placed health and safety at the top of its agenda. Good health and safety practice can have a positive impact on your insurance claims and also improves your reputation with customers, the local community. There is increasing recognition within the construction industry that a competent workforce leads to greater job satisfaction and improved health and safety. The work operator must be aware of their responsibilities in respect of health and safety at work legislation.

As a small business owner you have certain rights and responsibility regarding health and safety. Learn about the health and safety resources available from state agencies or get vital records and valuable information about community services. The basics about young worker health and safety. Includes information on workplace rights and responsibilities, work hours and restrictions. As an employer you have a duty to protect your employees and keep them informed about health and safety. So don't delay, visit and get in touch with your local office and see how you could benefit. This site includes industry insights, job files, a construction projects database and information. As well as construction skills, firms can also get training for their employees in computer skills, accountancy and administration. There is also an opportunity for anyone who is interested, to provide feedback


IamSafetyGeek said...

I absolutely love your blog and appreciate you spreading the word around regarding the importance of health and safety.

I have a blog that I began to promote the health and safety of my employees in the construction, general industry and mining and find it vitally important that if someone wants to remain safe that they must make a personal commitment to their own health and safety before each and every task.

Keep up the great work and thank you.