Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogsvertise Banned

Damn blogsvertise !!! I got a mail of blogsvertise account disabled, what should I do now ?
on Tuesday, 7/1/2008

By now you have realized that your account has been banned, because you have emailed us at least once about it. Please note we need to look into the reason as to why your account has been banned before we can reactivate your account again. If your account does get reactivated, your account will be put on probation for a period of time. Some of the reasons your account could have been banned are:
  1. Having more than one account. You are only allowed one account with Blogsvertise. You may add as many blogs as you would like to your account, but there is only to be one account.
  2. Abusing the grab bag. Though we have it fixed in the system that you are only allowed to have one grab bag task with in a 24 hour period, there seem to be some of you who have found a loop hole in ways to get around it.
  3. Abusing certain tasks. You are only allowed to complete one task from an advertiser every 6 months. There are many of you who have abused this especially with the orders. It really does not help the advertiser to have 6 or 7 entries on the same blog especially if they are in a row.
There are other reasons, but these are the main three. Please do not respond to this email, or send more emails about your account being reactivated as it will only delay the process. If you have received this email, we already know your account has been banned and we are looking into reactivating it.

Lori Y
Customer Service
Tel: 732-210-6651, 207

I have one account blogsvertise and my site have been banned from blogsvertise. I was very angry and did not understand, why blogsvertise did that to me :((


Adieska said...

Aduh... Tatian si KK... Yoda deh kan masih ada situs2 paid review lainnya :D

Btw, eniwey, busway dah dapet berapa sih KK dari Paid Review???

EnJ Corp said...

Wah sama nih aku juga bernasib sama, tapi malah nggak diberi email notifikasi, btw, task yang belum dibayar apa dianggap hangus, mana yg belum dibayar sekitar $ 180 lagi...

Blogger Addicter said...

walah mba..makasih sharingnya ini mba..saya kudu hati2 juga nie..hehehe..maklum saya mase anak bawang..perlu belajar nie :)