Sunday, March 9, 2008

Traffic Jam

Most of these people are trying to get to work. They all work in the city but few of them live there. They are feeling very angry and frustrated at the moment because the traffic is hardly moving. Traffic jams like this happen everyday :( I went to work by bus and our bus got in terrible traffic jam. I think almost everyday and I don't feel good. My city traffic jam is so seriously that it happen everyday. It takes me about 2 hours going to the office. I hate it if I am stuck in a traffik jam ~x( I have absolutely no patience to sit in traffic. Especially if I have to be somewhere for an appointment. Do you also suffer the traffic jam every day when you go to your company ?


theloebizz said...

well....i rarely ever experience being trapped in a bad traffic jam..coz it only takes 20 minutes from office to home...but yes...traffic jam is really sucks! ;)