Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleep and Dreams

I have also read that getting enough sleep improve brain functions and can give us healthy skin. I usually sleep around five to six hours a day. If I am not working, I may take a one to two hour nap in the afternoon. If I don’t get enough sleep, at work I'll be so sleepy and restless. If I'm not working and on weekends I sleep really late and wake up late too. I usually go to bed between 11pm and midnight. I am always tired if I have a lot of dreams at night. Sometimes I can't remember the details of what I dreamed :) Some people see so many dreams while asleep. Dreams make your sleep long and satisfied. Dreams are different and everything gives a particular for the person on that day


Rezki said...

Iya bener.pas mimpi jelas bgt.tapi kalo uda bgn pasti lupa apa yang dimimpiin

ary said...

Kok sama banget ya, i often forget my dream...berarti normal kali ya?