Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Music Blog

It was very happy, now my blog could hear song voice because of you. Before, I used sony2play But two weeks ago, I did not know because of you did not go out voice. One day, I blogwalking at place Mas Agus, evidently had the song voice. I looked for the source of music, evidently he used iWebMusic. So, I went to website iWebMusic.

How registered in iWebMusic :

1. Open site iWebMusic

2. Click new here ? Join Now ! It's free

3. You filled in form

4. Click Ok

5. Please check your email to verify your account

6. Please click the link below to verify your account

7. Click the button below to login

8. Here you can add your own sound files, you can browse by artist or title

9. How many times do you want to file to play? Choose once or keeping playing over

10. Copy paste the abouve code html for iweb music to your blog.

****************** I like music *******************

Note : Sorry, if my English was not good :) because I studied grammar :D