Wednesday, April 4, 2007

10 Tips for healthy feet

  1. wash your feet every day
  2. don't forget your feet inyour weekly program of care
  3. then dry yourself very carefully, especially between the toes, so that the skin does not sewll and becomes a haven for bacteria and mycosis
  4. pare your foot nails carefully after the bath (then they are softer). Avoid even small injuries
  5. Use only high quality stainlesssteel tools. For reasons of hygiene everybody in the family ought to have his/her own utensils such as a file and nail scissors
  6. Stimulate the circulation, but not only with cold water. Slip off your shoes now and then and do little gymnastics with your feet
  7. Wear comfortable shoes if possible without heels preferably consisting of leather or another breathable material. Tight shoes, which do not fit, often cause annoying and painful bruises, blisters and calluses
  8. Do your best to allow your feet a lot "freedom"! Often walk barefoot - for example on meadows or indoors (diabetics have to ask their doctor)
  9. Blisters, calluses and corns, ingrown nails and tinea pedis have to be treated in the right manner
  10. Do not use other people's towels or shoes
    source : PEDIKUR


Gian 'GiantiXBrain' Giovani said...

kalo kaki aku nggak aku gituin tetep bersih nih, Tapi mulai sekarang aku udah ngikutin what you say.